My name is Helene and I'm obsessed with time.

I'm a full time blogger, content creator, and traveler. I love reflecting on the past and thinking of ways to explore my future to make memories.

One of my clearest memories is at the age of 7 longing for the times when I was 6. Time seems to go by way too fast and I often reminisce on the past. Scents are one of the most powerful triggers of memory.

I grew up going to London in the summers when my parents taught a university study abroad. I would drag my sisters along the streets of London and we’d discover a hidden world of new wonders, beautiful buildings, tea and crumpets, and British accents. I'll never forget walking in Dallas with my dog when I was suddenly overwhelmed with a powerful scent of bread in the oven that smelled just like a bakery I went to in London. I was so struck I had to stop for a full 5 minutes, reminiscing on all the wonderful memories I made on those trips.

Then in 2016 my husband, myself, and our two dogs decided the best way to see Europe was to move abroad. For three years we barely took a rest trying to see as much as possible. We visited 50 countries and hundreds of cities in 3 years. 

One day while I was walking the Christmas market in our new home town of Heidelberg, Germany I felt overwhelmed with the scintillating scent of the market: pine, mulled wine and gingerbread. This, this was the sent that needed to be shared with the world.

When I came home I wanted to capture some of those memories. How could I do that?

When we lived abroad the one and only thing I asked my Mom to bring us when she visited was candles. I loved having familiar scents that felt like home fill the room. It was a small slice of the real thing.

And that’s when I knew I wanted to start a candle line.

While all the senses are connected with memories, smell in particular sparks a flurry of emotional memories.

After a smell enters the nose, it travels through the cranial nerve through the olfactory bulb, which helps the brain process smells. The olfactory bulb is part of the limbic system, the emotional center of the brain. As a member of the limbic system, the olfactory bulb can easily access the amygdala, which plays a role in emotional memories.

Our noses have a way of sniffing out nostalgia.

It's true, smells bring back memories. I hope these candles help you remember your favorite memories and start new ones, too.