Candles FAQ

Where are the candles made?

All the candles are hand-poured in the USA. Dallas, Texas to be exact! I work directly with the candle maker in her home in Dallas to hand select each fragrance note, the vessel, and the wax!

What does "Triple Scented" mean?

A "Triple Scented Candle" refers to the level of depth to experience in the aromas of the candle. A Triple Scented Candle has a scent of deep complexity which releases different aromas at different times in the burning cycle of the candle.

Meaning, this is a luxury scented candle and has the strongest scent throw possible. This is a high quality candle that will fill your home with scent.

Why only one candle at a time?

This is to ensure you get a top-quality, beautiful candle that tells a story and helps you create a memory. Each scent is hand-selected along with a travel story. Helene spends months testing multiple fragrance variants, wicks, and wax blends to create the perfect scent experience.

These are not just candles, but each tells a story and features one of our favorite travel photo. Like an art piece for your home.

Why Nostalgic?

Each candle is designed to tell a story and help you stir up your favorite memories and create new ones. See about the company here.

How can I maximize burn time?

Candles have a burn memory, so be sure to burn your candle all the way to the edge of the vessel every time you burn it. This will help prevent tunneling and maximize the life of your candle. I suggest your first burn be at least 2 hours. You want the wax to melt evenly across the surface. I also recommend trimming your wick between lighting sessions.

What's the return policy?

All of our products are carefully inspected before shipment. Due to the nature of our products, candles cannot be returned or refunded. However, If candles are damaged we will send you a brand new candle.


How can I contact the company?

Send us an email:

Find us on Instagram @nostalgiccandle and @heleneinbetween